About Us

Our holistic coaching programs are designed to provide you with support in all the key areas of performance and preparation:

  • Assessment and measurement.
  • Development of sport-specific strength and function
  • Prescription of correct training methods.
  • Goal setting.
  • Evaluation of performance.
  • Recovery and regeneration from high-intensity training and racing.

Contact us to set up an introductory meeting where we will discuss your needs and goals. Following this, the required assessments will be set up, and we will start to formulate an appropriate training plan through a top notch online coaching software called Training peaks. We also offer supervised sessions in key areas of your preparation, dependent on what coaching package you decide to follow. This may include:

  • Participation in supervised track, road and swim sessions
  • Group and/or individual stability and strength sessions
  • Specialized indoor training
  • Support on race day at all main events.

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