The assessment:

The musculo-skeletal screening is designed to assess any particular issues which may result in faulty movement patterns, which may be detrimental to the athlete in his/her sport. Correct movement patterns without the hindrance of poor posture; insufficient strength and muscular and joint stability; lack of range of motion or tight neural structures is of utmost importance in producing movement which is both efficient (and therefore less likely to produce an injury) and economical. So within competitive sport, where the difference between winning and losing is sometimes about seconds or millimetres, ease of movement is critical.

The assessment is therefore the important first step in helping the specialists at Exercise Solutions to produce a workable program to ultimately develop a refinement of movement and most importantly, an increase in performance levels.

The strength and conditioning programme is uniquely designed and tailored to suit the individual, by determining the needs of the athlete, previous injury history, potential future injury pitfalls, the experience levels from a training perspective and of course, that athletes needs from a particular sporting perspective. By offering both one on one and group sessions the athlete can get the right solution for them.