Busy racing weekend

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This past weekend had the team representing all over the country with Xterra SA Champs in Grabouw, Trinity Gold Triathlon in Germiston, the Pirates 21km Run and the McSteel Cycle race.

Our Xterra champs took the honors with Johandri winning an all expenses paid trip to Xterra World Champs in Maui and second in her age category and Michael Ferreira coming 4th overall and winning the Junior South African Championship tittle and a slot to race at the Junior Cross Triathlon Champs in Australia.

Back on the tar our roadie triathletes dominated at the Trinity Gold Triathlon series gaining numerous podiums with Bryan Difford taking 3rd overall, Garry Te Roller 6th overall, Jason Wilford 3rd in the Vets and both Alastair and Mike getting top 10 as well. In the duathlon Kevin took 3rd overall and our ladies really stole the show in the standard triathlon with Sunee 2nd overall, Samantha 3rd overall and Shannon 4th overall… Well done to everyone on a great weekend racing!


Standard Triathlon
Bryan Difford 3rd overall
Gary te Roller 6th overall
Jason Wilford 3rd
Alastair Stewart 6th
Mike Kane-Smith 9th
Sunee Pretorius 1st (2nd overall)
Samantha Harrington 2nd (3rd overall)
Shannon Lourens 3rd
Tammy Visagie 11th
Kerry Ellis-Williams 24th
Julie Wilford 9th
Paul Vermaak 39th
Standard Duathlon
Kevin Johnson 1st
Sprint Triathlon
Iola Visagie 11th
Sprint Duathlon
Gavin Justin Mahoney 17th



Team ES launches their 2016 Training Camps!

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We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes over the last 18 months to secure the best available facilities, team, program and value for money available to athletes coming to our camps and we are happy to announce that we are launching our camps in April this year at the world class Michael House School. We will be kicking off with our first one focused on 70.3 distance on the 29th April with a jam packed long weekend of not only training but with a focus on the athletes leaving with training knowledge, confidence and a better understanding of their bodies when placed under training stress.

We look forward to welcoming everyone in April to an exciting future of many more camps to come and hope to see you there, spots are limited to 20 athletes so feel free to pop us a mail with any questions you may have or to book your spot now. Details below:

ES Camp flyer

Our team is expanding in 2016!

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As we have hit the ground running in 2016 already we have accomplished so much and are yet to reach our full potential and intend on the year getting bigger and better as we go along. In order to improve, grow and get the team to the next level we are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and ways of improving…


On that note we would like to welcome Travis Johnston to our coaching team who has already been putting the team through their paces at track sessions and he will be bringing a new spin to the team and we welcome him with open arms. He is from an elite WTS background and has both local and international experience and is now diving into the longer distance events and focusing on 70.3 distances, able to help our athletes in all distances and all levels.


Welcome to the team Travis!!!

2016 kicks off to a rocket start!

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There is defiantly no time to sit back and let the year slowly kick in when it comes to triathlon and racing!

The year kicked off to a great start for the team racing CGT Triathlon Champs in Germiston two weeks back and having 13 team members qualify and multiple podiums all round. Next stop was 70.3 East London where we had a strong team representing and also our ‘Sleek Geek couch to half ironman’ crew taking on their first 70.3 distance… We are happy to report back that we had a full house finish and some amazing results, top 10 finishes, World Champs qualifiers and more, on the same weekend we had our ‘dirt junkies’ taking on the first of the Xterra race series in Buffelspoort also having some great races both in the full and lite with Johandri, Michael and Samantha all taking podium finishes.


Some of the team at their pre race warm up!

See all race results below:

70.3 East London
Gary TE ROLLER (407) 5:29:26
Alastair STEWART (1475) 5:43:12
Antonietta GIURICICH (2197) 5:45:25
Guy BARANYAY (1180) 5:46:54
Marisa VAN DER LINDE (2571) 5:49:41
Damian BOTOULAS (1591) 5:50:33
Quentin LEECH (1365) 5:51:35
Shannon LOURENS (2384) 5:51:59
Tyler CARMICHAEL (491) 5:57:50
Mike KANE-SMITH (1334) 6:05:41
Hayley WALTERS (2800) 6:21:19
Monika KRAUSHAAR (2514) 6:30:20
Mario SANTANA (1452) 6:34:38
Jennifer LAWRENCE (2518) 6:39:12
Maricia SCHEMPERS (2136) 6:44:53
Sinead BROOK (2603) 6:59:36
Henry BROOK (1211) 6:59:36
Gerhard BRAUN (1205) 7:08:11
Deidre HOFFMAN (2502) 7:18:16
Scott SARGENT (1072) 7:22:18
Justine BOLTON (2600) 7:46:15
Emmanuel MMUSETSI (1023) 8:02:03
Loren FISHER (2485) 8:27:12


World Champs qualification for Marisa, Antonietta and Hayley!

Xterra Full Results

Warrick KERNES 3:16:21 30 – 34 8th
Johandri LEICESTER 3:24:46 25 – 29 2nd
Karyn SOUTHGATE 3:31:38 35 – 39 6th

Xterra Light results : http://www.triathlonsa.co.za/Public/ViewNews.aspx?id=1268

Michael FERREIRA 1:10:02 19 – 24 2nd
Simon Owen 1:31:50 40 – 44 5th
Dave HARRINGTON 1:31:51 45 – 49 5th
Andries ROUSSEAU 1:40:05 35 – 39 12th
Samantha HARRINGTON 1:43:24 35 – 39 3rd
Connar Hartnady 1:49:38 35 – 39 25th


Michael Ferreira takes 2nd overall


Well Done to everyone on a very successful year and its not even February yet, so much more to come!

Athlete of the Month: May 2015

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Jason Booij


Who is Jason?

I am a competitive age group triathlete that enjoys the hard work and dedication that goes into training and what you get out of it. After joining the Exercise Solutions team over two years ago seeking for some proper guidance and wanting to be top of my game I have managed to achieve a lot whilst still having a balance in life, training and work. Recently I was awarded an elite license and that is something that has always been on my list of things to do, at least race a few times in the elite category and see what I can do. With a full time stressful job, the mix of both training and work are never easy but you make a plan and it’s worth it in the end, so let’s see what I can do in the 2015/2016 season!

RACE ACHIEVMENTS Racing Calendar 2014-2015

  • Awarded Ironman All World Athlete (Top 5% of my age group worldwide at Ironman and Ironman 70,3)
  • Bela Bela (1st place 25-29 year)
  • Tri rock Durban (9th overall, 2nd age cat)
  • 5150 Germiston African championship. (2nd place 25-29)
  • Trinity sports Triathlon series (3rd overall)
  • Gauteng champs 11 January 5th place, I qualified for SA champs and made Gauteng triathlon team.
  • Selected for Gauteng Triathlon SA champs in 1ST May in East London- 2nd place 25-29 Ag, 8th person across line.

When did you join Team ES?

In early 2013. I decided that that was time to get more serious and focused with my training.

Favourite Workout Fuel:

Gu Roctane

Favourite killer session from your coach:

  • Swim- pyramid sets
  • Bike – Some crazy interval sets
  • Run – Friday morning hill repeats.

My favourite cheat food/meal is:

Pizza and beer!!

My biggest accomplishment/ result to date:

Coming second at SA Champs and Qualifying for World Champs in Chicago in September.

What puts Exercise Solutions apart from other coaching and high performance centres out there?

A lot, I think the major factors for me is the environment in which we train. There as many quality athletes at ES and training alongside them really helps to motivate and push yourself. The team culture is another really big factor for me, there’s no drama or issues and just a really great bunch of people looking to train hard and improve. The hands on coaching is also a really big draw card as there are always coaches constantly monitoring sessions and seeing how you progress thought the sessions as well as season. Also what i really like is that ES caters for all ability of athletes, from beginners to much more serious competitors, it’s a great place for any athlete to improve.

What are you big 2015/2016 season plans?

ITU World triathlon Champs in Chicago in September for now, I’m really focusing on that this year and will give ironman 70.3 another shot next year.

Sponsors to date:

Puma running.

Last words:

Cheers to a kick ass 2015/2016 season, see you on the road!


Mr. Active teams up with Exercise Solutions

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David Katz joins the successful exercise scientists and sports physiologists as their running coach

Based up in Johannesburg, David Katz and Exercise Solutions are teaming up to take your training to the next level. While not reinventing the wheel, they place a big importance on testing. Knowing how your body and heart operate is the best way to get the most out of your training. A sports Journalist and Producer by trade, David “Mr. Active” Katz has been actively involved in South African media for close on 10 years. His real passion however is Health and Fitness. Through his Mr. Active segment on Saturday mornings on Radio 702 and Cape Talk 567 over the last three years; he has continued to share this passion, while growing his own knowledge. David has been running for over 10 years, but advanced this love with his first half marathon, at the 2007 Two Oceans. Since then he has gone on to run a host of half’s, a hand full of marathons, and attempted a Comrades Up Run. Discovering heart rate based training has taken his running and health to the next level.

Exercise Solutions started up in 1995, the brainchild of Zac van Heerden, former Portugal, Bafana Bafana and Mamelodi Sundowns conditioning specialist. Zac has build a team of experienced sports physiologists around him, that cover various aspects of assessment; including heart rate testing, body composition, biometrical analysis, and musculo-skelekal testing.

Exercise Solutions, has helped countless athletes to not only achieve but better their goals. From Comrades marathon to the Cape Town Cycle Tour, from IronMan to the summit of Kilimanjaro, let us help you put “your” bodies science to work.

You can find out more information on the website www.exercisesolutions.co.za or follow us on Twitter @Exercise_s /Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Exercise-Solutions

Why Ironman?

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Thanks to our very own Mike Simpson we got this great recap on ‘Why Ironman?’ which so many triathletes get from someone who could not comprehend how or why you would want to do all that in one day, a 3.8km swim, straight into a 180km cycle and then a marathon of 42km… His recent Ironman South Africa 10th Edition journey and finish below…


The question most often asked by an audience when exposed to the phrase, “I’ve entered the Ironman.” What people don’t realize is that they answer that question in the ensuing cascade of negatives which erupt from their mouths in disbelief; “it’s too hard, it’s so long, I could never do that, that’s insane, you’re crazy!” That my friends, is the point.

Given the remarkable torrent of pessimism we’re exposed to on a daily basis from sensationalist, mainstream media we don’t, unfortunately, lack for reminders of our own mortality. Put more positively, we live in a world that challenges us to be the very best versions of ourselves we can be, all the time, everyday. A common exercise to orient oneself with ones goals is to ask the question, “if you had x amount of time left to live, what would you do?” Most people are readily able to list activities that would provide them with equanimity in death, knowing that they’d lived a full, and in their own worlds, meaningful life. But ask those same people years later how many of those things they’ve done? Not many, if any.

I decided long ago, I would not be one of those people. I would push myself to the very limit of living in as many ways as I felt I needed to in order to one day die a happy man. A good man. A man who lived, hard.

I had the privilege to watch an amazing woman complete this race called the Ironman, and after seeing what people had to go through to achieve this goal of theirs, I knew I had to do it too…Game on.

To paraphrase the all-time epic Guy Ritchie film, “Snitch”; “Every action has a reaction, and an Ironman reaction is quite a f^%$^ thing.” Consequences of deciding to compete are sacrifice, and pain. Pushing yourself everyday to the limit, constantly pushing through to the next milestone. Early mornings, a severe lack of social life, 15+hrs of training a week, and aching muscles begging you to stop. Consequences of deciding to compete are also glory, personal growth, and the realisation that you’re capable beyond the limits of your former self. When things are hard and they keep getting harder, but you survive and you keep surviving, you start to believe. When that happens, kiss your old self goodbye mate, you’ve crossed the veil and the only way to go is up and on.


Fast forward to April 6 2014. You’re standing on a beach with 2499 other versions of you standing around you. You don’t all have the same goal but you’re all there for one thing, finish as best you can. That kind of dream-catching-soul-igniting-ground-breaking-limit-defying determination magnifies to bring the very air you breathe to life. There’s drums beating ripples of excitement into your skin. Helicopters are rumbling, reverberating, acknowledging with a gesture of sound the gravity of the task you’ve set yourself to complete. Inhale, and the adrenaline is there. Exhale, and you’re laughing and screaming “woooooohooooooohooooo” at the top of your lungs because it’s time to tuck and roll baby!

Boom. The National Anthem sounds and a wave of heat washes through your veins as your soul pours its strength into your blood.

Boom. No going back now.

Boom. I can do this.


Words could never truly capture what it means to be an Ironman. For me it was about pushing the limit, giving a Herculean effort, giving everything I had to reach a dream…to show myself that I could. With every chance of failure, and believe me at times I thought I would fail, to keep going and to succeed was a life changing experience. I struggled for days afterwards to truly understand how it made me feel to accomplish this feat. In the end, I captured it as follows:


The path is not for those,

Who claim to be unafraid.

the path is but for the few,

Who venture when they would stay.

Glory lies not in wait,

Only scars that will not heal.

But when it’s greater things that matter,

It’s them that will not yield.

The shadows to them will whisper,

Of a heart beaten, broken and bent.

the heart defiant will cry,

That a life for a life would be spent.

For no matter the trials ahead,

The shield shall always be raised.

With courage to shine through their darkness.

It’s then that a hero is made.

These words for me were a representation of the human potential to be more than we ever thought possible, by simply taking a single step, and then another. To journey, to stumble. To fall, and lie. To rise, and conquer. Falter, but never die.

It was an experience, unforgettable. To the people who travelled this road with me, you’re all heroes in my mind. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. To you the reader, I wish you well in your first step, and the many more that follow.

To the ES Team, gladiators of 2014…YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!!


Exercise Solutions teams up with My Training Day

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For the past few months we have been working on growing from strength to strength and coming up with new ways to add benefits and give our athletes the best we can. After some carefully thought out options to increase our base, both in JHB and Cape Town, we thought what better way than to chat to the My Training Day Team in Cape Town and grow ‘our family’ of athletes, and team of all ready very experienced sports physiologists, coaches and nutritionists.

MTD is run by Kent and Claire Horner both top athletes and coaches with one of the biggest and most prominent squads in Cape Town and we are proud to announce our affiliation with them, enabling our JHB and CT athletes to have access to squads, training and more country wide. MTD & ES coaches will be combining their knowledge to give our athletes belonging to either MTD or ES the best coaching, advice and access to all the latest technology. Race specific sessions will also be structured so that any athlete travelling between JHB & Cape Town will have the full benefit of either squad.